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The Need

There are approximately 153 million orphaned children in the world. That’s an unfathomable number. Yet even this number does not begin to cover the depth of the orphan crisis. This number excludes institutionalized children, children on the streets, or children who are at risk, neglected or abused. Of these children, only .5% will have the opportunity for international adoption. This means that our care for the orphan has to extend beyond adoption. But what does this look like?

Our Mission

(un)adopted® exists to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children.

We seek to fulfill this mission through SEED.

Share with international churches the biblical mandate to care for vulnerable children.

Engage the international Church in the mission to reach vulnerable children with the gospel.

Equip the Body of Christ with necessary resources and trainings to minister

to the spiritual and physical needs of vulnerable children.

Deploy support for vulnerable children.

We empower the local church and community to care for the fatherless and to invest in sustainable solutions that will end the cycle of vulnerable children. We seek to care holistically for children in their physical, emotional, spiritual, social needs. Through this work, stories are redeemed, lives are transformed, and the gospel is made manifest.