Travel To Bulgaria

Adopting from Bulgaria is a two trip process being in country 6-7 days on trip 1 and about 12 days on trip 2. It will be longer if you are adopting more than one child located in separate orphanages. The time frame between both trips is typically three to six months, and during that time your court process takes place. Our Bulgaria team will be in close contract as we prepare for travel of both trips.

After the court decree is issued a new birth certificate and international passport of the child are issued. Adoptive parent(s) should be present for the filing of the passport for their child. The passport usually takes about 3 business days to be issued and during that time the adoptive family and child are just waiting for the passport to be issued. It is usually 3-6 months after the first trip when the child is ready to be picked up by you. Due to change in policy, escorting may no longer be an option.

Bulgaria requires that at least one parent travel on both trips.  During your stay in Bulgaria you will be accompanied  by our Bulgaria team which speaks excellent English. Your Bulgaria fees cover all the travel within the country. The first trip to Bulgaria usually takes about 6-7 days and is to take place after receiving the official referral. During this trip, you will complete at least 5 visits with your child in their orphanage. The second trip, to pick up your child, is about 12 days long, depending on the results of the child’s TB test.

We feel that it is very important for both parents to travel. It will help you to gain a greater understanding of your child’s birth country and culture, which will serve to help your child understand and value his/her origins. It also serves the children better for attachment and bonding purposes.

It is necessary to have a passport to travel to Bulgaria. You do not need a visa to travel to Bulgaria. Adoption travel is not a vacation. Travel within Bulgaria may not be easy or relaxing. It may be extremely exhausting as you deal with jet lag and caring for a new child who may not adjust very easily.