We believe that every Christ-follower has a role to care for orphans, widows, and the defenseless as an avenue to proclaim the gospel.

At Lifeline, we want to serve the Bride of Christ by coming alongside local churches and resourcing them to proclaim the gospel through care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Whether through adoption, foster care, orphan care, or education and counseling, our mission is accomplished when we help equip churches and individuals to live out James 1:27.

Below is a list of some training opportunities that Lifeline is thankful to be able to provide.

Rooted in Love

Lifeline hosts Rooted in Love™ four times a year. This two-day adoption conference offers worship, fellowship, and gospel-based adoption training for families adopting domestically and internationally.

Through Rooted in Love, families learn alongside other couples on a similar journey. Our Lifeline International and Domestic teams love the opportunity to meet families face-to-face and share their heart for preparing and equipping them for adoption. Participants hear from Lifeline Executive Leadership as they share wisdom gleaned through their experience serving adoptive families.

Some topics addressed include: understanding child development, effects of trauma, neurochemistry changes, sensory processing disorder, parent-attachment styles, benefits of secure attachment, behavioral challenges, discipline techniques, and more. The education provided during Rooted in Love is derived from a number of reliable resources highlighting Trust-Based Relational Intervention® presented by the TCU Institute of Child Development; Healing Parents: Helping Wounded Children Learn to Trust & Love by Michael Orlans and Terry M. Levy; and information pulled from works by Author Jayne E. Schooler.

For more information, visit lifelinechild.org/rooted-in-love/

Families Count

Families Count™ is a family restoration and preservation ministry of Lifeline focused on parents at-risk of having their children removed from their homes or who are already working toward reunification with their children who are in foster care. It includes a six-week, biblical parenting class facilitated by local churches and a mentorship program for participating parents. Families Count seeks to point parents to Christ as the Restorer of their families and to His Church as a source of ongoing support. Learn more about Families Count here.

Foster Parenting Training

Lifeline offers both pre- and post-licensure trainings for prospective and licensed foster parents. For parents who desire to foster a child through Lifeline, they must complete a 10-week course. Following licensure, foster parents are invited to participate in ongoing continuing education units (CEUs) that include relevant topics in foster care and speakers who encourage parents from God’s Word. Learn more about Foster Parenting here. 

Life Skills Education Training (LSET)

Lifeline’s strategic orphan care ministry, (un)adopted®, developed Life Skills Education Training (LSET). This curriculum is used to equip men and women who have an influence on the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. The training is multifaceted, but each component shares the specific intention of serving international children’s homes and ministries. We partner with caregivers that serve and local churches that support these homes by equipping them to provide the best possible care for the children with whom they are entrusted.

For a more in-depth look at LSET click here.

Training for Churches

The Church is awakening to the reality that caring for orphaned and vulnerable children is not just something for a select few within the Church to do. Everyone has a role that they can play in putting the gospel on display. As more of the Body of Christ adopts and fosters children from hard places, it is increasingly evident that these children and their families face complex needs. One way the Church can make a difference is through understanding and adapting to the unique needs of these families. Lifeline offers trainings for churches to help leaders and volunteers come alongside families built through adoption and foster care and help them feel safe, secure, and loved.

For more information on church equipping and resources, visit https://lifelinechild.org/category/resources/