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Discipling Children from Trauma Backgrounds

Compiled by Jenny Riddle, with contributions from Traci Newell and Mark Sly When children enter homes from traumatic backgrounds, their lives have already been shaped by circumstances that make brokenness a part of their story. Difficulties children may have faced include medical…

‘Essence of Adolescents’

“Ugh, teenagers!” “Teens just go brain dead for a little while and then come back.” “It’s all the raging hormones — they act crazy!” “If we can just get through these years, we will be ok.” In the book Brainstorm, Daniel L….

Felt Safety… Right Now?

Lifeline Family Counselor speaks on how parents can help their children feel safe.

CEU: Attachment, Trauma, and the Brain

In this training will we will discuss the topic of attachment, trauma, and the brain. We will identify how trauma directly effects a child development, how the brain processes trauma, and how to support a child that is experiencing trauma and attachment…

CEU: Trauma Informed Parenting – Trauma And The Brain

Being able to identify trauma within a child is a key component in a child’s development. We will also emphasize the structure of the brain, triggers within the brain, signs and symptoms of trauma, how trauma develops over time, and risk factors….

CEU: Trauma Informed Parenting – Older Child Adoption

In this training we will discuss the topic of older child adoption. In order to gain a better understanding we will be examining the psycho-social stages of development, challenges of older adoptees, and how trauma relates to older children that are adopted….

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