A Very Present Help

By Rachel Biddy One truth has been abundantly evident throughout Allen Kajjubi’s life — the Lord is a very present help to her. Quoting Psalm 46:1, she reflected on her

Women God Uses

By Jenny Riddle Women don many hats throughout their daily lives, and the sheer overwhelming nature of trying to balance them all can often leave women feeling more like functional

Stand for Orphans

Written by Ashley Newell, the mother who helped her kids host the stand that started it all. Lemonade stands are a rite of passage for kids. Suburban moms have been

The Battise Family

Dawn and Stephen Battise patiently waited for years to fulfill their God-given desire to adopt their two sons from Hungary. They knew adoption would be a part of their story

A Common Inheritance

By Rachel Biddy Boasting the same big, brown eyes and tan complexion, six-year-old Tatiana López closely resembles her mom, Karen López. Coincidentally, Tatiana and her dad, Hugo López, were born in the

Change One Life

Lifeline’s pregnancy counseling ministry is central to our mission of bringing gospel hope to vulnerable women and children.  Amanda is a birthmother who found herself unexpectedly pregnant and made the

Change One Family

Through the Hope Adoption Fund, barriers are removed from between waiting children and hopeful families.   The Edwards family have been gracious donors toward Lifeline’s Hope Adoption Fund for years.

Change One Church

Through Families Count, local churches have a platform to minister to and walk with broken families to help them be restored and preserved.   Diane Malone is the Families Count Coordinator

Fear, Pride, and Being the Worst

One Mother’s Journey to God’s Transforming Joy By Jenny Riddle When the wind blows ferociously or the waves batter relentlessly, the roots of a plant are what firmly grasp the soil

Taking a Stand

By Ashley Newell Mary Beth Brown, 17, of West Point, Georgia, has never allowed her young age to limit the impact she can have on caring for the vulnerable. Over the past

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