Three Generations of Mothers: Making Eternal Impact


Elizabeth Norris’s youngest daughter, Hannah (pictured in the black and white dress), spent her last eight months at Lifeline’s China Foster Center. Elizabeth Norris Shares the story of the impact the foster center had on the child who now calls her “Mom” and encourages other women, including those in her life to do the same!

I know firsthand the awesome work being done at the Foster Center and of course feel a connection. Last year, I participated in an informational call about the foster center, where one of the presenters discussed Lifeline’s goal of offering sponsorship opportunities soon. I had been looking out for this chance! I also told my mother how excited I was that sponsorships were now available, and she immediately wanted in! She shared our plans with my grandmother, who asked if she could help as well. We all feel connected to this Center through Hannah, and we believe in what Lifeline is doing there!

I know what this Center is doing, and that they are doing it for every child, whether they have an adoption file in the works or not. They are making a difference in each precious life!

The center is also engaging the local city in the care of these children, creating a real community that knows and loves the orphans that have been with them all along. They are part of their community, and they are becoming known. Also, the changes in the children are easily visible to the community and their previous orphanage.

FC Friends

The ripples reach us as Sponsors, as we have the chance to pray over “our” child’s photo, lift them up specifically, and receive updates. If you have ever sponsored a child before, you know how special that is and how it touches all the members of your family because we are able to remember and pray for this little person far away.

Can you imagine everything that could come from this? Good for the children, good for the local community, and good for our hearts? That is why we believe in the work of the foster center. This is a blessing God has poured out on all of us, and we want to say “Yes, Lord, let it thrive!” It’s a chance to see such wonderful things. Who is like God, to bring such awesome fruit from a situation that looked so hopeless on its face?

My daughter dancing in front of me as I type this reminds me of the goodness of a Father who wants His children provided for, who makes paths that weren’t there before. I hope that everyone who reads this gets excited with us about this wonderful path we have to help ONE, which is enough, but also to engage in this powerful testimony that has implications from China to our own households, and further.

My grandmother is sponsoring Skylar, 18 mos. old, my parents are sponsoring Seth, 6 years old, and we are now sponsoring Sanders, 3 years old. We initially sponsored Sally, who has since joined her forever family through adoption!

Will you join us and Lifeline in caring for the children at the Foster Center? You can do this with or for a special woman in your life this Mother’s Day!

Visit to view the children waiting for a sponsor just like you! If you are giving as a mother’s day gift, the woman you are honoring will receive a print in the mail and a notecard letting her know a child is being sponsored monthly in her honor. Every quarter, she will receive an e-mail update on the child you are sponsoring and how he or she is doing and growing. Sponsorship is currently available in both China and Uganda.

*To ensure the print arrives to the woman you are honoring in time, please submit your sponsorship on or before Tuesday, May 3rd! If you complete your sponsorship after this date, the woman you are honoring will receive a digital version of this print as well as the quarterly updates that will follow.



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