The World at Our Doorstep

Opening Doors

In October 2017, I moved to Bogota, Colombia to coordinate our Latin America programs.

As Coordinator, Lifeline encouraged me to travel to Colombia in 2011 to better learn the country, the culture, and the children.

It changed my life, and now I cannot believe I have the privilege to call this beautiful country my home. Since the Lord has opened this door, our relationships with the government and with private children’s homes have continued to grow. And through these relationships, we have the amazing opportunity to learn more about the beautiful children of Colombia and how much they desire to be part of a loving, forever family.

Words cannot fully express the sheer excitement we are experiencing as we get ready to host 16 beautiful children from Colombia in our own Alabama backyard! Lifeline has the incredible opportunity to partner with a Colombian private orphanage to bring these precious children to Birmingham for a Colombia Kids Camp!

To waiting children…

Over 6,000 children in Colombia are legally declared abandoned and could be matched with families at any moment, meaning they could be adopted today.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons—maybe they are older, maybe they belong to a larger sibling group, or maybe they have a medical need—many of these children are often overlooked, and their wait for a forever family continues.

What I love about Kids Camp is that we have a tremendous opportunity to partner with a private orphanage in Colombia to allow these waiting children to have an incredible educational opportunity in the USA, and it allows us to get to know each child more deeply so we can better advocate for each of them and help find a forever family for them.


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With one another . . .

Another thing I love about Kids Camp is the way community surrounds us.

We cannot do it alone—we need your help! We invite you to partner with us in prayer for each child, to sponsor a child’s trip to Birmingham for a unique educational experience, and/or to volunteer with the children while they are here.

As they return to Colombia, we will continue to need your help in advocating for their forever families. Again, we cannot do this alone.

You have a crucial part to play in their story, and that begins now. Will you pray for the Lord to show you how He desires for you to serve these precious children from Colombia? Will you join us in advocating for each of them to find loving, forever families?

To show Christ’s love.

Lifeline is beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to learn more about the beautiful children who will be here—their stories, their personalities, and their dreams. We want to use their time in Birmingham wisely, as we seek to share Christ’s love with them each and every day. And, as we get to know each child better, we will have the great opportunity to advocate for each child to have a forever family. What a beautiful opportunity we have to partner together as the Body of Christ to love on these children!

Interested in learning more about Lifeline Kids Camp? Visit If the Lord is pressing on your heart for these children, please consider making a gift to bring one child to Kids Camp or provide a tangible need.

Written by: Beth Stanley, Lifeline Latin America Director.