That Others May Know Him

As the (un)adopted® Coordinator, I often have the privilege of organizing and coordinating trips to our partners around the world. As much as I enjoy this aspect of my job, it doesn’t come close to that joy I experienced organizing a trip for one of our partners to come visit Lifeline in the United States.


In 2014, (un)adopted opened a foster center in China to reach orphaned and vulnerable children. At the foster center, children are able to live in a safe environment where they receive needed, individualized care. The home has been blessed with wonderful caregivers for the children, and we’ve seen them thrive in the nurturing and loving environment of the foster home.

In 2015, (un)adopted began providing specialized training for the caregivers at the home that helped them continue to grow in the skills and gifts they already exhibit in caring for the children. Lifeline’s Foster Center Manager, Peggy, has managed the foster center since its opening in 2014. She has led selflessly and graciously through the highs and lows of orphan care. For two weeks in October, Peggy traveled to the United States for the first time.

We wanted her time in the states to be full of encouragement and refreshment for her soul. She was able to attend events, speaking engagements, adoptive family visits, sightseeing and more. Peggy’s time culminated as a featured speaker at Lifeline’s Annual Fundraising Dinner. In this moment I had chill bumps down my arms; in those ten minutes on stage, I saw the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That night at the Sheraton, I saw Peggy speak about children the world deemed unlovable and invaluable, and then we got to see some of those same children stand-up with their forever families. I saw a woman who bravely lives her life so others can know about a God who loves them.

Peggy is family to us at Lifeline. She understands the value of all children, as did these parents who have brought them into their home as a son or daughter. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to partner with Peggy to give these children the love and care for which God created them.

Did you know that you could impact these children at the foster center by sponsorship? You can make a difference like Peggy!