Supporting an Indigenous Response to Orphan Care

Nicolas Osorio, one of the pastors at Iglesia Bautista Renacer in Bogota, Colombia, joined Herbie Newell on the September 18, 2019 edition of The Defender Podcast. Nicolas is married to Juanita, and they have two young sons. Although he has been a part of Iglesia Bautista Renacer since its start by his father twenty-five years ago, Nicolas has been one of the pastors for seven. His familiarity with the church and community has allowed him to grow alongside the church and lead them to the same depths of which God has been leading the pastors.

Along with other leaders from the U.S. and Colombia, Nicolas helped host the 2nd annual pastor’s conference alongside Lifeline in Bogota: The church, the Mission, the Orphan and the Vulnerable. The Holy Spirit used the first of these conferences to convict church members of God’s call to care for orphans and motivated them to get involved practically. Nicolas hopes these focused times of study will help local churches to understand the need to engage in caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Because caring for the vulnerable is not limited to pastors or church staff, Nicolas recognizes this ministry as a ministry of the church. Caring for orphans is not a ministry of pastors; it is a ministry of the church.

Therefore, Nicolas is encouraged that the members of Iglesia Bautista Renacer have begun to take ownership in orphan ministry. Since the first conference, members have begun working with vulnerable children by volunteering to spend time with and invest themselves with children at a specific organization. Nicolas hopes this step will be the first of many, as the church adopts a mindset of caring for vulnerable children and expands this ministry of their church.

Nicolas’ desire is to see the Colombian church continue to respond to God’s call to care for the vulnerable in their country. He views these beginning steps as somewhat of a mark of maturity in the Church, as they grow in discipleship and understand God will for them to share His heart for the vulnerable. Although he is thankful for what brothers and sisters from the United States do and have done on behalf of the Church and the vulnerable in Colombia, he wants to see the indigenous Church in Colombia step up to obey God’s call. Nicolas has a vision for the indigenous Colombian Church to grow in discipleship so that they are not depending on others to do the work that God has given them in their own country.

Prayer is an essential aspect to the growth of the Colombian church and their work with the vulnerable. Nicolas suggested three ways to pray:

  • For the larger Church of Colombia:
    • Pray that gospel-minded churches be unified and do God’s work together.
    • Pray for good seminaries. Pastors are passionate but often lack training and have not been taught how to preach or pastor well.
  • For Iglesia Bautista Renacer:
    • Pray for wisdom for leaders, as they want to shepherd families to care for orphans.
    • Pray for wisdom as they desire to support the planting of healthy churches to reach their communities for Christ.
  • For orphans in Colombia:
    • Pray that the Church in Colombia will get involved in caring for the vulnerable.
    • Pray that families and churches will have the conviction to get involved where it’s needed and not just in ways they feel comfortable.

If you or your church would like more information on adopting from Colombia or getting involved with caring for orphans there, please find more information and contact us here.