Sheryl FarfanTello-Brinley

Sheryl joined Lifeline in August 2021.  She is originally from Lima, Peru but now lives in Louisville, KY. Sheryl studied Social Work from the University of Louisville and serves as a Case Worker on the Kentucky team. She has been married for 3…

Lesley Scott

Lesley joined Lifeline in August 2019 but previously worked for Lifeline from 2011-2016.  She works as the Families Count Church Partnership Coordinator in Kentucky. Lesley is originally from Canada but lives in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  She attended Liberty University and received her Masters…

Erin Orr

Erin joined Lifeline in February 2018 as a part-time social worker in the Kentucky office. Since May 2020, she has also served as the Program Director for the Kentucky office. Erin received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and her Master…

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