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Clifton Sellers

Development Director

SK Vaughn

Marketing Director

Angie Ross

State Director - Florida

Chris Johnson

National Director for Church Partnerships

Jeremy Simpson

Director of Operations

Nate Bruns

State Director - Kansas & Missouri

Randy Doleman

Sr. Development Officer - Texas

Rachel Abrahamsen, MA

Case Work Supervisor - North Carolina

Maegan Schwindling

Director - North Alabama

John Noblin

State Director - Mississippi

Sharri Black, LMSW

Casework Supervisor - Kansas & Missouri

Vickye Schultz, LCPAA

State Director/Agency Administrator - Texas

Kimberly Holt, LMSW, LCPAA, TBRI Practioner

Case Work Supervisor - Texas

Tana Dukes

Casework Supervisor - South Carolina

Rebecca Hartfield, LICSW, TBRI Practitioner

Casework Supervisor - Mississippi

Kara Clark, LCSW

State Director/Casework Supervisor - Louisiana

Tanya Smith

Human Resources Manager

Christy Harmon, LMSW

Program Director, Pregnancy Counseling

Michael Edwards

Program Director - (un)adopted

Beth Perez, LGSW, TBRI® Practitioner

Program Director - Latin America

Jana Lombardo, LBSW, TBRI® Practitioner

Senior Program Director, International Programs

Meredith Campbell, LBSW

Social Worker, Contracts & Program Manager, Africa

Jennifer Travis, LICSW, TBRI® Practitioner

Program Director, Foster Care

Levacy Smith, LMSW, TBRI Practitioner

State Director - North Carolina

Rikki Cruz, MSW, LCSW-A

Case Work Supervisor - North Carolina

Traci Newell, LBSW, TBRI® Practitioner

Education Specialist & National Program Director, Families Count

Claire Davis, LMSW

Domestic Casework Supervisor

Hope Mackey, LMSW, TBRI Practitioner

Casework Supervisor - North Alabama

Brittany Mobley, MSW

Casework Supervisor - Georgia

Cathy Leeke

State Director - South Carolina

Lisa Kelly

Director of Compliance

Lesley Matheson, MSW, TBRI Practitioner

Casework Supervisor - Florida

Rachel Snell, LMSW, TBRI Practitioner

International Casework Supervisor

Michelle Wright, MSW, TBRI® Practitioner

State Director - Tennessee