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Alyxis McLain

HR Assistant

Emma Parks

Domestic Administrative Coordinator

Mallory Moore

Administrative Assistant, International

Lisa Terry

Accounting Manager

Sarah Willett

Administrative Assistant - International

Brianna Kaldenbach

Administrative Assistant - South Carolina

Raeghan Bryant

International Administrative Coordinator

Allison King

Accounting Specialist

Jessica Townson

Executive Assistant to the VP of Operations

Timmi-Ann Kaurudar

Administrative Assistant - International

Jeri Moore

Administrative Assistant - Operations

Amy Snow

Intake Specialist & Administrative Assistant - Kansas

Peyton Tibbs

Executive Assistant to the VP of Engagement

Holli Morgan

Administrative Assistant, International

Hannah Pearson

International Administrative Coordinator

Frances Stringer

Administrative Assistant - Mississippi

Margaret Hitt

Administrative Assistant/Intake Specialist - Mississippi

Susie Farley

Operations Administrative Coordinator | Intern Coordinator

Rhonda Hill

Administrative Assistant, Operations & Counseling

Jessa Swearingen

Center Manager & Outreach Coordinator

Skip Stallings

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Caitlin Estes

Executive Assistant - Domestic Services

Kathryn White

Accounts Payable Specialist

Marcy Larson

Executive Assistant to the VP of International Ministries