Staff Member

Sonia Martin

Sonia joined Lifeline in July of 2019.  She is from Montgomery, Alabama and serves as our Director in the Central Alabama area. She engages the central Alabama church community in implementing Families Count, birth mother support and services, and speaking to parents, professionals, Judges, DHR attorneys, & GAL’s at various conferences in the southeast on topics such as parenting kids from hard places and how to measure bonding and attachment in deciding best placement for children in foster care. Sonia earned her BSW from the University of South Florida, MSW from the University of Alabama, TBRI Practitioner, TIPS Leader, President of the Montgomery County Foster Parent Association. Sonia is the mother of 7 teenage boys, 3 of which were adopted internationally and she is a foster parent for Montgomery County DHR. They live in Pike Road, Alabama where Sonia spends most of her time cooking and cleaning baseball infield dirt off the kitchen floor. Sonia loves to travel and has a heart for the people of China and the millions in that country that have never heard the Gospel. Her 3 simple joys are Jesus, Eggplant Parmesan & Orphan Care. “Being surrounded by like-minded believers who are all driven to love, teach, disciple and serve vulnerable populations, it is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel being lived out.”