Staff Member

Rachel Huggart

Rachel joined the Lifeline staff in 2018 and works on our Domestic Team as a Pregnancy Counselor! Rachel is from the Birmingham area but grew up in Roebuck. She attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she received her undergrad in Social Work. Something people might now know about Rachel is that she was homeschooled so the first formal class she ever attended was as a freshman in college. She loves to do anything outdoors but is also a big fan of playing a good board game with friends. Her favorite foods are her mom’s potato soup, dressing, and Hawaiian haystack. Her favorite place that she’s traveled internationally is India but locally she loves visiting Fairhope (there’s just something about a small town). Her three simple joys are beautiful weather, spending time with people she loves, and reading a good book. Her favorite thing about working at Lifeline is that we have staff devotion and prayer every morning. She also loves that she can freely share the gospel and pray with her clients.