Marie Gunn, LMSW

Pregnancy Counselor - Mississippi

Marie is from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and joined Lifeline in February 2019. She is working in the Hattiesburg office as a Pregnancy Counselor. Marie studied at The University of Southern Mississippi. She received her Bachelors in Child and Family Studies with an emphasis in Development and a Masters in Social Work. Marie has been married to her childhood sweetheart for 21 years and they have 3 children, Chandler, Jake-Riley and Mary-Macy.  Marie enjoys spending time with her family. They love to cook together, spend time with friends and family, play tennis, spend time at the beach, and support each other in their individual hobbies.  Marie’s favorite part of Lifeline is knowing she has fellow believers on her team encouraging her and praying for her.  “At Lifeline, we are able to bring our love for Christ and HIS people to work every day and expound upon that together as we serve in each of our individual roles at Lifeline.”  Marie’s also finds joy in McAlister’s tea and a hot bath before bedtime. Marie previously worked in the Circuit Court System, Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, and worked with children with behavior and or adjustment issues within the public school setting, and has experience working in the adoption agency setting prior to Lifeline.