Staff Member

Brooke DeLoach

Brooke joined Lifeline in August of 2020. She is originally from Fleming, Georgia but lives in Charleston, South Carolina, working as a Case Worker on the South Carolina team. Brooke attended school at University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) and studied Human Development. Brooke’s family is very large and close. On every holiday and family event, they get together to have a meal and fellowship. It can get VERY loud but always filled with lots of laughter! For fun, Brooke really enjoys being outside, especially by any body of water (rivers are her favorite). She has always loved fishing from a young age: her Dad and Pop taught her all the tips and best fishing holes. She enjoys riding horses whenever and wherever possible (a passion she thanks her mom and grandmothers for transporting her to all the lessons and shows as a kid). If she is not doing one of those two things, you can find her at a local coffee shop, sipping on some tea, and reading a book or catching up with friends. Brooke’s 3 simple joys are: Jesus, friends and family, and a large cup of English Breakfast tea. “My favorite thing about working at Lifeline is having the opportunity and honor of walking alongside families who desire to see the hope of Jesus manifested in the children and families around them. It is truly a blessing to see the Father use this ministry and the people here as vessels to bring restoration and healing to vulnerable families.”