Amy Platt

Pregnancy Counseling Intake Specialist

Amy joined Lifeline in July of 2019.  She is originally from Snellville, GA and serves as the Pregnancy Counseling Intake Specialist. Amy received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has been blessed with an amazing family. Her parents were supportive of her dreams as a child to become a nurse and to use that as her ministry – caring for others and showing them Christ in the process. Amy has three big brothers who helped me to develop thick skin all the while loving her in the process. Each of her brothers has a beautiful wife and growing families. Amy has 8 nieces and nephews currently – with 2 more on the way (x1 through birth – “Little Platt”; x1 through adoption – “Wonderfully Made”). Amy’s baby is her dachshund-beagle named Holly. For fun, Amy enjoys hanging out with family and friends but can be just as content sitting on the couch snuggling with Holly. Amy’s 3 simple joys are time with her family, time with her faith family and time with a family that she has been blessed to provide respite care. “One of the neatest aspects of working at Lifeline is the fact that each morning starts with staff devotion and prayer. This is not only a time where we dive into the Word together, but a time that we spend purposefully in prayer for our clients and staff. This is a new experience for me. I feel like it helps the staff to draw closer to one another – caring for one another and/or carrying one another’s burdens as the Bible tells us to do. It also fuels our day with a passion to show our clients and coworkers the Gospel in all that we do – not that we do it perfectly, we are still sinners.”