Sibling group of 8 waiting for forever family

June 27, 2017 rachelmiley Blog

UPDATE: We are so happy to share with you that we understand there is a family moving forward to adopt all 8 together. We will be joining them in prayer and support as they walk through the approval process at this time.

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We need your help urgently!! Our Latin America team at Lifeline is taking on one of our biggest challenges in trying to advocate for a sibling group of EIGHT beautiful children. Our Latin America team at Lifeline has had the opportunity to meet these siblings in person and spend time with them. They are sweet children and have a strong bond with one another. Our team has files, pictures and videos for each of these precious children. Contact Ferrah Poe for more information at 205.967.0811 or at

Many times, we have seen where the government has been faced with difficult a decision to separate siblings in hopes of them having a better chance of belonging to a forever family. It is our heart to advocate for siblings to stay together if possible; however, the government understands finding a family for all 8 children may not be realistic. The children’s psychosocial team has determined the best placement options for these children if they must be separated from one another.

We would love for you to help pray for these sweet little ones and their futures. We would love for you to help advocate and even consider if your family may be their future forever family. It should also be noted that the majority of the children are active and involved in local churches. They would love to have Christian parents, if possible.


To learn more about each child, please see the information below written by our Latin America director after having spent time with each of them:

JP is a very kind, caring 14 year old boy. He is a little smaller than the typical child his age, but he is growing and healthy. He stated that he loves math and soccer. He is described as calm, polite, and obedient. His caregivers cried when sharing what a great boy he truly is. He can be timid initially, but with time and help from his siblings, he opens up rather easily. From our observations, he seems to be a processor and really feels responsibility to ensure his siblings are happy. He is responsible with school and has one of the brightest smiles. JP is a bright child with a bright future.

Sara is a beautiful, intelligent 13 year old girl. She exudes kindness and shows to be deeply empathetic. She can be a little shyer initially, but she quickly warms up. Sara loves to sing, dance, play volleyball and soccer. In our observations, she seems to deeply care for her siblings and their well-being. Her caregivers described her as kind, obedient, responsible, and loving. She desires to have a forever family and to achieve her dreams.

Lucy is a very intelligent and gifted 11 year old girl. She is playful and witty, with a lot of personality. She enjoys math, basketball and soccer. She loves to sing and play instruments such as the piano. She particularly enjoys singing at her church. Her caregivers describe her as strong, intelligent, and gifted.

Ashley is a precious, loving 10 year old girl. We observed her to be shyer initially, but she quickly became a little girl filled with giggles, playfulness, and curiosity. Ashley is affectionate and gives lots of hugs. She enjoys math and playing with her toys and her siblings. Ashley is described by her caregivers as extremely sweet, obedient, and calm.

Elena is a spunky, funny 9 year old girl. She is kind, engaged, and intelligent. From our observations, she was able to easily communicate her thoughts and feelings. She was kind and affectionate with her caregivers and siblings. Elena desperately wants a forever family and wants her future family to teach her how to play the guitar.

Harrison is everything a 7 year old boy should be. He is very playful and silly. He loves to laugh and make others laugh, too. His hobbies include soccer and playing with toy cars. From our observations, he is very interactive and is extremely loving and affectionate with his siblings. According to him and his caregivers, he enjoys school and is currently learning how to read. Harrison wants a forever family and loves the idea of learning English.

Nora is a week shy of being 5 years old. She is very proud of the fact that she can tie her own shoes now. She is deeply loved by her siblings and well-cared for. Initially, she is a little timid, but she quickly opens up after connecting with others. Nora is currently in pre-K. According to Nora, her favorite things to do including playing and eating chocolate.

Lina is a giggly, sweet 3 year old girl. Just like Nora, she loves to play and eat chocolate. Her caregivers describe her as affectionate and playful. We observed her to be really outgoing, silly, and very connected with her siblings.


We are often asked if there are additional fees in adopting sibling groups. There are not additional agency or attorney fees through Lifeline to adopt sibling groups through Latin America; however, we would love to help prepare for the additional out of pocket expenses that could be incurred with referral file translations, travel expenses, and the like. In addition, we have had the amazing opportunity to see several families adopt older children and larger sibling groups. We would love to connect you to our families who have walked through this journey before and would love to support you.


How Can You Help?

Adopt: Is the Lord calling you to consider adopting this sibling group or to adoption in general? Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and pray about whether this may be an option for your family. You can learn more about all of our children waiting for their forever families on our website at

Advocate: Share our social media posts about these children, reach out to families you know who may be called to adopt them, spread the word about their need for forever families!

Pray: For a family (or a few families) to be called for each of these siblings groups, for their hearts, and for the Lord’s plan for each of their lives.

Give: Adoption can be expensive, and has the potential to be a deterrent to families considering the call. Your financial gift could make a difference in children’s lives being changed forever through family.

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