Shaping Phrases

Shaping Phrases

Shaping phrases are short little scripts that focus on telling your child what to do, rather than what not to do. They are a positive alternative to a long lecture and very helpful while the child is learning your language. Often times, we tell our kids “no” or “stop” but we do not tell them how we expect them to act.

* No hits, no hurts

* Be kind and gentle

* Ask permission

* Show respect

* Listen and obey

* Obey the first time

* Asking or telling?

* Say again with respect

* Help one another

* Stick together

* Be on time

* Keep your promise

* Wait to speak, I will listen

* Use your inside voice

* Use your words

* Kind words, kind voice

More Shaping Phrases for Younger Children:

* Be patient

* Try that again

* Share

* Take turns

* Problem solve

* Look, don’t touch

* Sweet feet

* Helping hands

* Calm hands, calm body

* Quiet mouth, quiet body

* Let me see your hands/eyes

* Are your ears listening?

* Feet on the ground

* Bottom in the chair

* Who’s the boss? (not asked during conflict)

* Make good choices / make a good choice

* Teeth are for chewing food