Serving the Deaf and Blind of Uganda

On the July 17th edition of The Defender Podcast, Pastor Raphael Kajjubi and Adalyn Newell joined Herbie Newell in a discussion about (un)adopted’s partnership in Uganda and how its unique qualities enables the local church to impact their community.

Pastor Raphael is the pastor for King Jesus Church and who helps oversee the Busega School for the Deaf and Blind. In the Busega community, children who are born deaf or blind are often considered to be cursed and live as outcasts. One child’s family send their young girl to live with the cows in the field because of her deafness. Another newborn baby was left to starve when his mother realized her son was born deaf. The Busega School for the Deaf and Blind welcome these children, teaching them to communicate, giving them an education, and showing them their worth through the gospel.

Herbie and Adalyn Newell recently traveled to Uganda for their family’s traditional “12-year-old trip.” As each child turns 12, he or she is able to travel with Herbie on a ministry trip. This year, Adalyn chose Uganda and cherished the time she was able to spend in Busega. When asked why she thought it was important for parents to take their children on mission, Adalyn explained that seeing ministry in another context gives children a different perspective on other people’s lives and lets them experience the differences and similarities of others around the world. Herbie further emphasized that taking children around the world is an investment in their heart because it helps to broaden their worldview and teaches them that all people are made in the image of God, and, therefore, no one is superior.

Adalyn was able to see this truth in practice as she played with and loved the children of the Busega School for the Deaf and Blind. She was also able to witness a partnership that sought to be more than humanitarian aid; she saw the mutual partnership between (un)adopted and King Jesus Church and how it has begun to influence the community.

Pastor Raphael emphasized that Lifeline’s partnership with King Jesus Church and the Busega School for the Deaf and Blind encourages their ministry in the community because the relationship is one of mutual partnership: there is not a giving and a receiving side. Rather, both partners lift one another up and enrich the ministry that each one is doing through the Lord. Pastor Raphael insists that the reason the partnership does not hinder the work of King Jesus Church is because Lifeline is not interested in bringing a project or idea from the U.S. to push onto the church in Busega. Instead, they come alongside the local church as they work for what is best within their indigenous community. In this way, the partnership grows the church and transforms communities.

How can we pray for the Kajjubi family and King Jesus Church?

  • Pray that the Kajjubi family will continue to stay at peace and not get overwhelmed as the work of the church and school grows.
  • Pray that Pastor Raphael and his family can be enriched with relationships.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to provide the resources needed to build a permanent church and school. Permanency will aid in establishing the church and school in the community.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide connections and resources to start a cement and brick making business on the new land, which will provide sustainability and skills.

In addition to praying, participating in the R(un) for One will support the work of King Jesus Church and help provide for the resources they need. We look forward to seeing you there!