R(un) for Kids like Isabella

When you R(un), you run for kids like Isabella.  

Isabella lives with her foster family in Colombia. She had a difficult childhood. Her home had no food or running water, and her father abused her mother. Eventually, Isabella was removed from her family. Her foster parents, Julian and Natalia, welcomed her into their home with open arms. They treat her with respect, are kind to her, and give her rules to follow. This is the first time in her life she’s been guided on how to behave. When Isabella was younger, she didn’t treat others well because she was treated poorly. Everything changed when her parents shared the gospel with her. They told her about the concept of sin, and how everyone has sin in their hearts. Isabella learned about how Jesus came to earth to wipe our sins away and offer us eternal life. Since that moment, Isabella has felt more at ease. She knows her foster family cares for her, and she knows the Lord does too.  

Because of the care of the local church in Colombia, Isabella has a foster family who showed her the gospel. (un)adopted equips the local church all over the world to bring gospel hope to vulnerable children just like Isabella.  

Whether you’re fast or slow, you run or you walk, or you’re wearing brand new shoes or dirty old sneakers, you can know you’re changing the lives of kids around the world.