Lifeline Children's Services hosts a monthly Roadmap to International Adoption webinar, where Lifeline staff share more on:

1. The international adoption process.
2. Lifeline’s international Adoption Programs
3. How to fund your adoption.

Through this webinar, Lifeline seeks to answer frequently asked questions and provide families with the resources needed to explore the calling of international adoption. We invite you to join us and learn more about the ins and outs of international adoption from the comfort of your own home.


David & Heather Platt : “Lifeline has been such an intricate part of our family. We believe wholeheartedly in the work of Lifeline and what the Lord is doing in and through this agency. We are grateful for the loving social workers and staff that labor long hours to bring families together and be the hands and feet of Christ to the orphan. The Platt family is forever grateful for the efforts of Lifeline Children’s Services!”

The Buchanan Family: “Through nothing short of divine intervention, Brent and I realized that the Lord was calling us to adopt internationally. After significant research and prayer, we began the process of adopting a child from Colombia… It was a feeling beyond words to be home as a family of five! The journey was emotional, trying, and difficult, but so worth it to have Samuel as our son.”

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Why Adopt though Lifeline?

Over the past year, the Lord has used Lifeline Children’s Services to bring 304 children home to their forever families.  As your family is praying through starting the adoption process, we want to share with you several distinctive that make Lifeline unique:

· We disciple and pray with families throughout their entire process
· We are a relationship-based ministry
· Our caseworkers are experts in the countries they work in
· We provide holistic education and resources that fit your family and the country, program, and child you are adopting
· Our post adoption team is composed of excellent, caring professionals
· We know that holistic care for vulnerable children extends well beyond adoption and in community and family care


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