Response to the Unexpected: Parenting

Although sheltering in place can bring many positive opportunities to our homes, the unpredictability and stress of the situation can caused unexpected challenges. Your child’s behavior may have regressed due to the unpredictability and stress of this new normal during the COVID-19 crisis. While trying to maintain some sanity, you may have slipped into some traditional parenting techniques as well. However, traditional parenting during trauma reactions often sends our kids into a downward spiral of survival behavior. Below are some articles developed by Lifeline staff to help you reconnect with your children and parent through Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) principles. These reminders should help you and your kids get back on track to good connection and behavior.

Shaping Phrases

How to Deliver a Consequence

Time In and Think It Over


Please know that members of our Lifeline Children’s Services team are available and ready to answer any questions you might have during this time uncertainty. We also want to remind you that our Parent Coaching services are available by phone or online during the COVID-19 response. Parent Coaching is led by one of our experienced TBRI trained staff members and is intended to help you understand your child’s needs and make a tailored plan for increasing connection in your parenting. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit Or see for information about our counselors.