CEU: Investing in Your Children as You Foster Others Pt. 1

In this training, we aim to identify the effects that fostering can have on the children already in your home. Practically, how can you involve, prepare, and transition them well?

CEU: Grief and Loss in Foster Care

All parties involved in foster care can experience grief, and many times, grieving behaviors in children are misunderstood. This webinar explores predictable stages of childhood development and how children in

CEU: Discipling Kids From Hard Places

The family is the center of Jesus plan to make disciples, but significant challenges exists for families who adopt and foster to be disciple-makers with children coming from hard places.

CEU: Assisting Children Through Transitions

Join us as we discuss the many transitions in foster care and how to adapt to them. This training is designed to help foster families understand the importance of navigating

CEU: Navigating the Holidays

Merry Christmas… or is it? For a child in foster care the past memories of Christmas may not be so merry. For many adopted children, they may be experiencing an

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