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Below are the stories of real children in each of the countries your children will be learning about during their VBS! During VBS, they hear a brief biography of these children. Below is a little bit more information for you and your child to learn together! If you want more information about the (un)adopted program that partners with children like Jesse, Godwin, Warda and Scout- click the link at the end of their story! For general information about (un)adopted, visit!

Day 1

FC Friends

James 1:27 is our call to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.  God wants to use his church to take care of those who are in need.  Currently there are more than 153 million orphans in the world. That’s a lot of kids that don’t have moms or dads! God cares about these children the same way he cares about each one of you. We as the Body of Christ must go to these orphans and help them in their struggle.

Lifeline is a ministry that seeks to help the church take care of these children.  Our desire is to see the gospel change lives and to help these kids be educated and skilled so that they can help change their communities.  Orphan care is something we all can and should be a part of! We can all pray for these kids.  We can all help tell others about the stories of these kids. And here this week we can all raise money in order to sponsor some of them so that they might have hope! Will you join us in our call to care for orphaned and vulnerable children?

Uganda: Jesse

Jesse Unadopted

Hi! I’m Jesse and I live in Uganda.  Just like you I go to school every day. My school is called the Busega Community School for the Deaf. All my classmates and I are deaf which means we can’t hear.  At school we learn how to do sign language so we can communicate with others. Before I started going to school here I didn’t have any way to talk to anyone.  Can you imagine? No one was able to understand me, and I couldn’t tell anyone exactly what I wanted or how I felt.  On top of being deaf, I also am slightly paralyzed on one side of my body. That means it’s hard for me to move that side of my body the way I need to. Because of my deafness and paralysis, my dad was ashamed of me and left our family. My mom didn’t know what to do with me… until one day she met Pastor Raphael.  My mom told Pastor about me and he invited me to the Busega school.  Since then everything has changed. I’m learning how to communicate through sign language and some of my paralysis has even gotten better.  My dad has come back and is more involved in my life.  God has been working in my parent’s life and they love me and accept me for who I am now.  I’m also learning more and more about the love that Jesus has for me. God has really been blessing me through the school.

Click here for more information on (un)adopted in Uganda!

Togo: Godwin and Winner

Togo - Godwin and Winner 1

Hi I’m Godwin the one on the right of the picture!

Hi I’m Winner! I’m the one on the left!

We are brothers that live together in an orphanage in Togo, Africa.  We have grown up here in this orphanage and now are some of the oldest kids here. All our lives we have been working together to take care of one another. We recently went to a training program that has continued to help us do that!  Lifeline partnered with a local organization here Togo to host training programs for orphans like us.  During this training we learned how to raise chickens and also how to grow food.  We also spent a lot of time learning about God’s grace and all the amazing things that are in the Bible.  When we were done with the training, we went back to our orphanages and started a chicken coop and a small farm! Now we use the corn we grow to feed the chickens and then use the eggs from the chickens to feed everyone at the orphanage!  We started with ten chickens and now have over a thousand! God has been blessing us in big ways.  We also are now able to train other kids in the orphanage how to raise chickens as well as grow food! We have been able to see God do incredible things through the skills that we have learned.

Click here for more information on (un)adopted in Togo!

China: Scout

Scout unadoptedHi! I’m Scout and I live in China. Right now I live in a foster center that Lifeline created for kids like me. Before moving here, I was dropped off at an orphanage where I did not receive the love and care I needed. My legs do not work well, making it hard for me to play with my friends and do everything they get to do. When I was at the orphanage, I had little joy because of how my disability limited me. It was hard for me to sit and watch others do the simple things that I was unable to do. When Lifeline’s staff met me though, they saw how the lack of care I received was not allowing me to do everything they thought I could do. I was brought to the foster center and slowly saw improvement in myself until ultimately, I began to flourish! I am no longer trying to simply survive; I believe I am thriving! Today, I am able to sit up on my own, play with my friends, and find joy and experience love through the care I receive.

Click here for more information on (un)adopted in China!

Pakistan: Warda

Pakistan - Warda

Hi! I’m Warda from Pakistan and I live at Developing Hope Girls Home with many other girls. I moved into the home when it first opened because the place I was living before was not safe for me. I was eleven then. I have been here many years now, and am thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given to learn and grow here. In Pakistan, girls are not always given the opportunity to receive an education so attending school gives the girls and me a special opportunity. I love going to school, and try to work hard and do well in my studies. I dream of using my education one day to be a doctor!  Shabhaz and Uzma, who take care of all us girls have seen me grow over the years in my walk with the Lord and love watching me tell stories from the Bible to the younger children in the home.  I have been blessed to be able to be here and hope that God will use me as a blessing to others!

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