Pray for Bulgaria

One of the ways you can get involved in Bulgaria is to begin praying for the needs that are present there. Check back occasionally to see an updated list of prayer requests for this country.

Prayer Points

Pray for the Lord to bring forward new mission-minded Christian families to pursue adoption from Bulgaria that the children can be loved and discipled in forever families.

Pray for the families who have answered the call to adopt from Bulgaria and are currently waiting. May they be strengthened and encouraged throughout their process. Pray for each family who is working hard to be matched with their child/ children. Pray for peace & endurance, and that they’d use this time intentionally to prepare their families for what’s to come.  

Pray for post adoptive families who are caring for and ministering to their children from Bulgaria. Ask the Lord to bless their bonding and attachment, and for discipleship opportunities to continue. 

Pray for the children waiting to be adopted from Bulgaria May the Lord offer them his comfort and peace and they wait for a family to pursue them. 

Pray for the caregivers in the foster homes, group homes, and orphanages who are serving the waiting children. Ask for consideration and care as they are pouring into the children. 

Pray for the local church in Bulgaria. Pray for local believers in country to support families and children in need as they share the gospel with their neighbors. 

Waiting Children: There are many children on the waiting child list in Bulgaria.  These children are typically older, larger sibling groups, or children with severe medical special needs. The majority of these children receive little to neglectful care and the orphanage conditions are very harsh. Pray that the Lord would care for and protect those children. Also please pray that the Lord will send families that He wants for these children. 

Roma Children: Roma children/people face severe discrimination in Bulgaria.  Pray that Christ-followers in Bulgaria would minister to this group of people. Pray that families would continue to be open to adopting Roma children. 

Pray for Josh, Jana, Jackie, Brianna, Toria, Sarah Ann, and Timmi Anne as we continue to find the best way to advocate the Bulgaria program.  

Pray for the FNA team as they receive children’s files and put them children on the waiting child list.  Pray that as they work day to day with the officials in Bulgaria, their relationships would remain strong.

Praise the Lord for our partners in Bulgaria, FNA. Pray as they continue to advocate so well for the Bulgarian children and our families. Pray for our main contact at FNA. 

Praise the Lord for families who are called to adopt from Bulgaria.  These families are open to older children or children with severe medical special needs. 

Praise the Lord for the Bulgaria program and pray that it will continue to grow and we will continue to see children placed in forever homes.