At this time, we are not accepting new applications into our Uganda program. Our team is focusing on the current families that are within the program as well as Reform projects that are taking place in Uganda. We are focusing on establishing a system through in-country partnerships in which reunification, domestic adoption, and foster care with loving families within Uganda is possible before a child is internationally adopted. Our agency is highly committed to Uganda and the children within the country and will continue to do so. Please check back with us on any further updates.

Please contact Lifeline Children’s Services and request to speak with an Uganda team member prior to applying for an international adoption in Uganda.

Recently, the Ugandan courts have started to include in the court rulings that a family must return to Uganda every 5 years from the date of receiving legal guardianship for the purposes of a Heritage Trip. This Heritage Trip is considered to be an educational trip in which you and your child has the opportunity to return to their country of origin and also involves an appearance before the Registrar for an informal meeting to learn about your family. Please contact Lifeline if you have any further questions about this requirement.

Lifeline Children’s Services is a full service agency providing international legal guardianship/adoption services for Uganda to families across the U.S. Our agency is licensed in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Washington State but we still provide our services to families in all 50 states (if you live in a state outside of these states you will simply have to locate a licensed non-profit (501 c 3) agency in your state of residence to perform the home study portion of your Dossier). Our program exists to both place children in need of love and a family in a safe and loving home and provide services to Christian families desiring to adopt one of these precious children.

Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. provides the following professional services:

Licensed Agency

HaitiAlabama-licensed since 1981, Lifeline offers a full-range of adoptive and counseling services, including home study preparation and post-placement adoptive services for domestic and international adoptions (these home study and post-placement services are only available for residents of Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, or Washington State). For those families residing outside of these states, help with obtaining these services is given.

Document Package Facilitation

One aspect of the Uganda legal guardianship/adoption process is the preparation of numerous documents that the Ugandan government uses to process a legal guardianship/adoption. To aid our clients in this area, we provide a detailed definition of all the documents required in this package and a description of what is required in terms of Notarization.We also supply the necessary forms. After the document package is completed by the client, it is reviewed by the Uganda program social worker and our attorney/facilitator in Uganda.


We spend a great deal of time monitoring what is happening with Ugandan legal guardianships/adoptions. We also receive updated information from our Ugandan representative on a regular basis. This information can save countless hours of effort, money and frustration associated with vague and often unnecessary actions. We provide a detailed list of all expenses that our clients are likely to incur so that there should be no unexpected or hidden costs. Keep in mind that many of these fees are set by other authorities and are out of our control.

Uganda Representative

HaitiA key component in a successful legal guardianship/adoption from Uganda is to have an effective representative in Uganda. We are very excited about our representative and his experience in bringing families together. He was born in and lives in Uganda and has been working for several years as a legal representative. He has developed numerous contacts in Uganda and will guide the family through all aspects of their legal guardianship/adoption process. He works directly with the Ugandan government to ensure that everything is in order for families to adopt from Uganda.

In Uganda, you either go through an adoption process or go through the legal guardian process (which requires final adoption in the US). To finalize an adoption in Uganda there is a 3 year residence requirement. Therefore, almost all families desiring to adopt from Uganda opt for the legal guardianship process…a fairly straight forward process that typically results in you being granted legal guardianship of your child from the Ugandan government. We provide our clients with the information needed to complete the document package as required by the Uganda courts and forward the document package to our Uganda representative for submission to the proper Uganda Government officials. As with nearly all legal guardianships and/or adoptions, there are risks involved and we cannot guarantee a successful legal guardianship and/or adoption from Uganda. However, our knowledge, experience, and in-country legal and facilitation team understand the process essential for success.

We hope that we may be of service to you if you choose to adopt from Uganda, and hope for the best for you whatever your adoption decision may be. Please feel free to contact us at 205.967.0811 if you have any other inquiries. If you do choose to use our services, please sign and return the Doctrinal Statement & Christian Questionnaire located here. We will respond by sending you the application. A fee of $250.00 will be due when you return the application to us.