God has worked through the hearts and lives of many in and through our ministry and we are so grateful. We know this is a result of Him opening hearts of people around the world and moving them to share the stories of redemption He is writing. Join us in sharing about the work He is doing! Here are 3 ways to do so:

  1. Word of mouth

A simple way to share is by communicating the stories you’ve heard to friends and family. When others hear the mission of (un)adopted and how it is being implemented across the globe, we believe God softens hearts and motivates people to move. Tell individual stories of the vulnerable children who have been impacted. Advocate for the children we know will likely “age out.” Share with others the reality of orphan care, but how the Gospel is taking root in many lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

  1. Host an event or start a fundraiser

There are many fun platforms that can be used to raise awareness and advocate for (un)adopted and we would love to help you out. Some ideas could include: a benefit night at your favorite coffee shop, a concert on your college green space planned by a Greek organization, a lemonade stand, a fun run at a local park, a silent auction, a pancake breakfast with your friends, selling t-shirts with a personalized design, a boys against girls contest in the classroom, etc. The options are numerous. Share some ideas with us!

  1. Social Media

In the social media driven world we live in, we need people like you to help us out. Use your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account to spread the word about (un)adopted®. We love to see others get involved in this way!


To receive updates on our ministry, contact unadopted@lifelinechild.org.