Throughout the world, there are more than 143 million children who live in orphanages, in over-crowded foster homes, or alone on the streets. In some cases, orphans are well-cared for; however, in most cases, these children are merely reminders of parenting experiences gone terribly wrong. In the best scenarios, orphanages are well-staffed with workers who are tasked with feeding, clothing, and educating children. More commonly, these institutions are grossly understaffed and under-served by those who simply need a job and lack the desire to nurture the orphans. It is a fact that orphanage conditions are not 

conducive for healthy development or preparation of children to live outside the orphanage walls. “Graduates” are usually released from the institutions around age 16 to make it on their own without the basic tools for survival or training of any kind. Most cannot make themselves a meal, much less a dignified living. In reality, most of the unadopted become trapped in a lifestyle of exploitation and disgraceful servitude. By no fault of their own, these teens soon find themselves subject to a life they could never have imagined – a life in which they are completely unprepared to make it alone.

(Un)adopted exists to make a difference. As a ministry of Lifeline Children’s Services, we are uniquely positioned to initiate effective change. Lifeline has been involved with international adoption since 1999, and was among the first agencies to receive Hague Accreditation. Having led many families through the process of adoption, Lifeline’s leadership became burdened with the circumstances of those children who have been left behind. To read more about the purpose and mission of (un)adopted, visit us here.

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