“When I first contacted Lifeline, I had already made the decision for my child to be adopted. My number one priority then was to find the best agency where I knew that not only I would feel comfortable with the decision I had made, but most of all that I would be sure that my child would be given the most safe and happy life possible. Also, through the school program there, I was able to finish my junior year with no problems, so I didn’t get behind in school at all. The staff at Lifeline always made me feel very comfortable and I always knew that they were there for me. Lifeline helped me in so many ways, the biggest thing that helped me was the emotional support from my counselor. I could never give enough thanks to Lifeline for all their help, nor to God for leading me to them.” 
– Leigh Ann

“Have you ever been in a place where you know that no matter the circumstances you will always be cared for? Before Lifeline only my family made me feel that way. Had my mom not found Lifeline my daughter would have never had the chance to be a part of the most wonderful family in the world. Lifeline gave me the chance to love my child by giving her everything she could ever need. They helped me to be at such a peace with my decision to place. Without all of my experiences with this wonderful agency I would have never known what God has had in store for me all along. Lifeline showed me things about myself that i would have never believed to be true.”
 – Anna

“During my short four months with you [Lifeline Village], I have learned to put my life back together and build a closer relationship with my family. Never have I grown to love so much, those whom I have known so briefly.”
 – Patty

“From the beginning I never wanted to come. But since my delivery, my life has truly been turned around. The decision to place my baby for adoption was mine alone, and the friendships established, will be there for a lifetime. You were a real Godsend during a difficult time.”
 – Meaghan

“All the pain and hurt I had struggled with for so many months caused me to realize I wasn’t alone. All the girls were remarkable young women, each with her own precious story to tell. At times we found we could understand each other more than our families could, in this special situation we shared.” 
– Beth

“I picked out the most wonderful parents for my son. They have been open with me and I have seen my son grow up through pictures, letters, videos and a few visits. Lifeline was there throughout my pregnancy and has continued to be even now. They have been wonderful and really helped me ease my pain and take the stress out of the process. Placing my son is the hardest decision I have made, but it is also the decision in my life that I am most proud of. My son has already had such an amazing life. I have since graduated from college and been able to do things that would not have otherwise been possible. Choosing adoption is a hard decision, but it is also an amazing, wonderful, selfless act of parenting.” -Mary