No Longer Lonely | The Franks Testimony

Esther, 16, and Josie, 11, were strangers among a sea of millions of orphans. Now they are sisters, brought together through international adoption.

Although their past stories are different, the intersection of their lives as sisters began in China. Whether in an orphanage or a foster family, both girls describe their lives before adoption as “lonely.” These girls had a lot of people around them; they were not alone, but they were lonely. Without even knowing it, they missed the intimacy and joy and challenges of a loving family. They longed to belong. Adoption showed them that they belonged, in more ways than one.

“Before, I just felt so sad and all alone. I would see all my friends get adopted and I wanted so badly to have a family too. I felt like time was running out.” -Esther Franks

esther and josie

When Esther and Josie were adopted by their family, these precious girls began to understand that they were significant and crafted perfectly by the Lord. Their family demonstrated unconditional love as they showed these sisters what it meant to be daughters. Not only did their family show Esther and Josie what it meant to be daughters, adoption was the beginning of showing them what it meant to be part of an eternal family and to know the “Great Rescuer,” as Josie puts it.

As soon as Esther and Josie were adopted, they began hearing about the love of the Heavenly Father and their Creator. God opened their hearts and eyes to His truth that He made them, loved them, and was the one true God. Esther and Josie both recognized their need for Him and became adopted a second time—this time into God’s family!

“I am loved by my wonderful parents. I am now called a daughter. Most importantly, I am loved and was rescued by my Heavenly Father. Two years ago, I was adopted by an earthly family. One year and a half ago, I became adopted into the Kingdom of God. One adoption led to another. My King Jesus rescued me from darkness and showed me light. He showed me light and the Holy Spirit helps me and leads me to Truth everyday.” Esther Franks


Esther and Josie are not shy about how adoption has changed their lives. Esther says that “[Adoption] has changed every single thing about my life. From negative to positive.” Both girls want to steward the way God has worked in their lives: their hearts desire to tell the people of China about the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope that it brings to a lonely people.

I want to someday be able to go back to China on mission trips to share the Gospel with the Chinese people. I am able to speak Chinese and can use my first language to share about Jesus. -Josie Franks


Hope can be evasive in the hearts of those who are lonely for a family. Esther and Josie have experienced the hope of Christ and are daughters in an eternal family—they want all orphans to know the same hope. Their hope began with God working in their lives through adoption, so it is no surprise that Esther proclaims, “Adoption is hope.”

Josie sums it up when she says, “Adoption changes lives. To have a family is the best feeling. I know I am loved, and I want other children to feel the same love. I am no longer lonely anymore.”

November is National Adoption Month. Josie and Esther are two lives changed because of adoption. How can you be a part of bringing the gospel to more children? To have families, know they are loved, and no longer feel lonely? Click Here.