The Process

After you have spoken with a Bulgaria program point and have reviewed the Policies and Requirements and feel like you meet these qualifications you will complete and return to Lifeline the Doctrinal Statement, Christian Questionnaire, and application. You can access the application online.

Fill out the application, doctrinal statement, and Christian Questionnaire and return these documents to Lifeline with the $250.00 application fee. This fee covers the costs associated with opening and maintaining your adoption file, as well as retaining the services of our international consultant. This fee is non-refundable. Please see the fee schedule for a breakdown of estimated expenses.

You will be contacted by the Lifeline office once the application and application fee have been completed and received. The next steps are a welcome call, orientation interview, and the beginning of the home study process.

If you are pursuing adoption of a waiting special needs child you will have to complete a preliminary application for that child to be filed with the MOJ, so that the child could be kept on hold for you while you are completing your home study and USCIS process and gathering your Bulgaria dossier. This is typically done after your first home study visit. Lifeline will provide advise you on how to complete these documents.