Program Spotlight: Latin America

Program Spotlight: Latin America


Lifeline’s Latin America group is currently accepting applications for the countries of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic.

What’s new in your program?

We have been thrilled to see our pilot families return home with their newly adopted children from our programs in Brazil and Honduras. And, we have been overwhelmed with gratitude to see the Lord growing the Latin America adoption programs so that we have more families in process and becoming forever families than ever before.

Also, through (un)adopted®, we have been honored to host caregiver trainings in Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Colombia–in which all have been such a sweet ministry opportunity with the people who daily care for the children in these countries.


What do you want to tell families interested in adoption?

The Lord has been doing nothing short of miracles through our missional-minded families, and we have been able to be celebrate some really big things the last few years! Many of our programs are newer but growing. In the last 5 years, we have been able to see about 150 children from Latin American countries placed with their forever families, most of which are older, in larger sibling groups, or have medical needs!

We hope families can know our heart is to truly help holistically meet the children’s needs through a variety of missional opportunities here in Latin America–-via adoption, (un)adopted®, caregiver trainings, policy advocacy, and more!


What is one unique factor or differentiating factor about your program?

We believe that Latin America is unique in how relational every aspect is and how the Lord has grown ministry in these countries as a result of really sweet relationships.


What special considerations should families know about when considering your program?

Latin America is an adoption program designed for missional-minded Christian families wishing to adopt children with special needs, which includes older children, sibling groups, and children of all ages with medical needs. Most of the programs involve a few weeks in country stay to finalize the adoption process (or in the Dominican Republic’s case –a few months), but most have some travel flexibility during these times. We believe this is an opportunity to really bond with the children in their home environments as they make such a big transition to their new homes and to spend time getting to celebrate the child’s cultural heritage. In addition, almost all of these countries are part of the Hague convention for adoptions.


Are you interested in learning more about adopting from Latin America with Lifeline? We have many options to help you get started!

• View more information on our website.

• Contact Beth Stanley, our Latin America Adoption Specialist through email or at 205-967-0811.

• Register for our free Road Map to International Adoption webinar.

• Attend an informational meeting near you.