Program Spotlight: China


Lifeline’s China program is currently accepting applications for eligible families!

What’s new in your program?

Over the past few years, China has become more and more of a relational program. Most recently, China has invited Lifeline to participate in Kids Camps, which afford us two weeks to spend true one-on-one time getting to know a small group of children well enough to advocate for them.

As China becomes more relational, they have asked Lifeline to participate in conferences where several hundred directors and officials will hear from our staff regarding how to best care for children in their orphanages and how to best prepare them for the next phase of life, whether it will be as part of a forever family or navigating adult life in China.

What do you want to tell families interested in adoption?

Families interested in adopting from China should hear about all of the amazing children available for adoption in China—just over a million boys and girls of all ages waiting for families. China is a medical special needs program, but the spectrum of needs is very wide, stretching from minor/correctable needs all the way through very significant medical needs. Each child is such a gift, and their little lives hold so much value!


What is one unique factor or differentiating factor about your program?

One unique factor about the Lifeline China Program is the hand-holding, discipleship, and encouragement we provide for each family throughout the process. Our team truly cares that families are equipped and prepared to bring a child into their family through international adoption. We know that, ultimately, the Lord is the one providing for our China families with every need along the way; our goal is that families are reminded of this truth to the extent that it is automatically where they turn once home with their child and experiencing all of the new challenges found in the post-adoption phase.

What special considerations should families know about when considering your program?

One special consideration that families should know about the China program is that it has an excellent reputation overall in the world of international adoption. Historically, it is one of the more streamlined, predictable, and steady processes among international programs. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps or challenges along the way; there are many moving parts and approving entities, and every family will have some bumps along the way.


Are you interested in learning more about adopting from China with Lifeline? We have many options to help you get started!