May Monthly Focus: Pregnancy Counseling

pregnant woman ultrasound

The Need

Women who are facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies can often feel hopeless. As a result of varying circumstances, these women often question whether parenting is best for them or their child. Some women are led to believe that abortion is the only option to parenting and are often unaware of the option of adoption or of the realities of it. They may not know that adoption is not “giving up;” they may not know about the possibilities of having a relationship with their child; they may not know their influence in choosing parents; they may not know how adoption addresses all of their fears and the reasons they are considering abortion.

The Solution

Precious women who are facing these difficult decisions need someone who will come alongside them and love them through one of the most challenging circumstances of their lives. They need physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Most importantly they need Christ! They need to know the truth that they and their child are made in the image of God. Therefore, they are valuable and loved. They need to know all of their options and be connected with resources that will give them the information they need to make the best decision for themselves and their child.

What Lifeline is Doing

We engage with the women relationally. Lifeline’s pregnancy counselors get to know this image bearer for more than just a woman who is pregnant. We learn about their hopes, dreams, and fears and we point them to the One who can take on all of their guilt and shame. We educate them on all of their options and empower her to make a decision. We respect her needs and desires as we provide emotional and spiritual support through counseling that is Christ-centered, relational, supportive, and loving. If she chooses parenting, we help her develop a parenting plan and point her to resources and the body of Christ who can support her long-term. If she chooses adoption, we challenge the notion that adoption is “giving up” by giving the facts on adoption and by addressing her fears. We also make sure mothers know that they have the freedom to choose open adoption and maintain a level of involvement in their children’s life. Lifeline is there to holistically support these women throughout the entire term of the pregnancy and beyond for the rest of their lives, as they navigate post-adoption relationships.

These women need to know these services are available to them and that they have options. In the last several months, in addition to our partnerships with pregnancy resource centers, we have extended our outreach efforts to prisons, shelters, hospitals, and schools. We have also recently added a live chat feature to our website and social media accounts. Our desire is make sure that the services we offer are known in every possible place that it is needed. We want these women to know the gospel, to know the truth, and to know that they have options.

In addition, we provide housing and holistic support at Lifeline Village Maternity Home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for women who are facing unplanned pregnancies and are in need of housing.

Above all, women who seek help from Lifeline are ministered to with the gospel, which is a light and hope amidst a painful season. We teach these women that regardless of their circumstances, God’s redeeming power is at work.

How You Can Be a Part of the Solution

  • Learn more about our ministry to women in unplanned pregnancies by visiting
  • Pray for women to learn about Lifeline and make the brave choice to choose life for their child.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for our pregnancy counselors as they minister to these women in hard places 24 hours a day.
  • Share with others about the options available to women in unplanned pregnancies and how Lifeline can support them in their journey.
  • Consider giving resources toward our ministry so that we can continue to provide holistic care for these women at
  • Connect with our Pregnancy Counseling Ministry on Social Media in order to hear the stories and follow the ongoing needs. Facebook | Instagram
  • Connect us with your church! We need church partners in every community so that we when we have a birth mother/birth family in your community, we have a local church to connect them with. Contact us.
  • Sponsor a birth mother and/or our Pregnancy Counseling Ministry.