Lifeline Links Arms with Buckner for Texas Foster Care



by Christopher Ruth, Media Relations Director at Buckner 


Buckner Children and Family Services is entering into an agreement with Lifeline Children’s Services to provide temporary foster care for children in Texas on behalf of Lifeline.


Lifeline, a faith-based holistic orphan care ministry headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., opened its first Texas offices in June 2018. The organization approached Buckner, which has cared for vulnerable children in Texas since 1879, seeking temporary respite are and/or foster care services for infants and children who are being considered for adoption placement through Lifeline.


“In the past year, Lifeline has experienced incredible growth in Texas,” said Scott Brown, Lifeline’s Texas state director. “In seeking an agency to partner with to help us through this growth, it was natural to reach out to Buckner since they hold the same values and quality of services as Lifeline.”


Details of the agreement include Buckner’s role in providing interim homes for children connected with a potential adoption plan. All interim homes will be state-approved foster homes and placement services are provided on an “as needed” basis. Buckner will also provide for the physical, medical, and emotional needs of all children in care, as requested by Lifeline.


“Finding homes for vulnerable children in Texas is something Buckner has done for 140 years, and we are honored to use our experience to help Lifeline continue to grow its operations and carry out its missions of ensuring all God’s children have a loving home,” said Albert Reyes, Buckner International president and CEO.


In 2018, Buckner oversaw the care of nearly 1,500 children in foster care in Texas and internationally and placed about 120 children with permanent adoptive families in Texas. Likewise, Lifeline facilitated 190 international adoption from 13 different countries and 17 domestic adoptions.



About Lifeline Children’s Services: The mission of Lifeline Children’s Services is to equip the body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. Lifeline does this through several different areas of ministry: international and domestic adoption, fostering, pregnancy counseling, orphan care, education, and counseling. Its desire is to come alongside missional families with resources necessary to help them find and nurture their children to become disciples who make disciples. Lifeline works in nine states and partners with 26 countries to provide holistic orphan care to children and families. 


About Buckner International: Buckner International is a faith-based nonprofit ministry dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, families and senior adults in the United States and internationally. Founded in 1879 in Dallas, Texas, today Buckner serves people through a variety of programs designed to protect children and build strong families. These programs include foster care and adoption, family transition programs, community-based family preservation programs and retirement services for senior adults. Buckner also provides humanitarian aid and crisis relief to poverty-stricken children and families