Brazil Adoption Program Now Open

Lifeline is thrilled to announce the opening of the Brazil adoption program! After receiving our license in late 2015 to begin adoptions in Brazil, we began the program with two pilot families. Recently, our first pilot family was able to successfully complete their adoption journey and return home with their two beautiful children. As a result of our experiences, Lifeline now is opening our Brazil program to all adoption applications.

Brazil is a beautiful, diverse country and is filled with some of the kindest people on the planet. We have a wonderful team of in-country representatives, who have years of experience with adoption, as you can hear from our pilot family in their letter below. They are eager to help all of our Brazil adoptive families and to advocate for the children of Brazil! This adoption program is geared towards individual children 10 years old and older or sibling groups varying in ages.

If you have any questions about international adoption from Brazil, please contact Ferrah Poe at [email protected] and learn more here. We covet your prayers for the children, the program, and the families in the adoption process of Brazil, as we seek to show the love of Christ.

Hear firsthand from our first pilot family, the Morans, about their experience with the Brazil process:





Dear Prospective Brazil Family,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and prayerfully consider adopting from Brazil. We are happy to share our experience with you in hopes God can use it to guide you

in your own adoption journey. God has been faithful to our family, and He will be faithful to yours.

In November 2016 we adopted two siblings from Brazil. Jefferson is 11 and Vitoria is 6. We also have five biological children: Drew is 16; Ty is 14; Grace is 12; and Rachel & Rebekah are 9. Our seven children now range in age from 16-6. We actually began our adoption journey with another agency five years ago. Unfortunately that agency did not receive accreditation to continue working in Brazil, and we had to find a new agency. We were very thankful the Lord led us to Lifeline Children’s Services. They helped prepare us with extensive training and reading. They helped us meet deadlines and keep up with all our paperwork. Our process and the waiting were long, and they listened to our complaints and frustrations without judgment, while providing encouragement. The Crossings training and Empowered to Connect were both very helpful during our early days in Brazil, and we continue to use them now!

We spent 44 days in Brazil. The first 39 days we were in Curitiba, and the last five in Rio de Janeiro. Lifeline staff found us an apartment and translator and helped plan transportation and travel in country. They also provided knowledgeable and helpful lawyers in country. Our time at the American Embassy in Rio de Janeiro went so smoothly and was such a pleasure because of the cooperation between our lawyers and the staff there. As we faced the challenges of language barrier and bonding with two new children, they also provided encouragement and emotional support. They were an enormous help throughout our time in country.

Now that we are home, the Lifeline Post-Adoption staff has been in contact to encourage and provide any help and support needed. They will also cooperate with our local social worker to provide the required post-adoption reports to Brazil. Any questions we have confronted, they have been happy to listen and offer resources, support, and advice.

Lifeline Children’s Services has been such a blessing for us in preparing for adoption, during our long stay in country, and following our return home. We had many concerns about adoption from Brazil including the length of stay in country, the unique challenges of adopting a sibling group of two older children, and the various costs and details of all the steps. We could not have successfully navigated all of these without prayerfully seeking God’s clear direction and the tireless support and help of the Lifeline staff. Our family is home together now and we could not be more thankful to God and to them!

As you prayerfully consider God’s plan for your family, know that the Lifeline staff will do all they can to assist you as you step out in faithful obedience to God’s call to love the least of these.


Jeff & Wini Moran

Interested in learning more about adoption from Brazil? Visit our Brazil Adoption page or contact a Brazil Adoption specialist at (205)967-0811.