August Monthly Focus: (un)adopted

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At Lifeline, we believe that orphan care must be a multi-faceted approach. Adoption is a beautiful part of God’s call to care for orphans; however, only a tiny fraction of adoptable children are adopted each year—from within their birth country or internationally. The difficult truth is that children who do not have a forever family, whether because they age out of the adoption process of their country or because of paperwork or circumstances, are at risk of a future with little hope.

Through no fault of their own, they are forced to live on their own, with little skills or practical knowledge to help them survive or thrive. They are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and slavery.


Orphan care, therefore, must address a widening circle of influences, such as family preservation, family reunification, and life and job skills training.

What Lifeline is Doing:

(un)adopted® exists to reach orphaned and vulnerable children with the hope of the gospel and equip them with the life skills needed to bring about community transformation. Every day, over 38,000 orphans will age out of an orphanage without the necessary skills to survive.

(un)adopted partners with and empowers the local church and the local community to care for the fatherless and to invest in sustainable solutions that will end the cycle of vulnerable children. Our partnerships include LSET (Life Skills Education Training). LSET includes the following aspects of orphan care:

  • Caregiver Education: This aspect of LSET prepares caregivers to help children understand their past, build relationships centered on trust, and grow to their full potential.
  • Developmental Education: This aspect of LSET equips others to help move a child from one stage of development to the next stage through intentional involvement play and therapy.
  • Life Education: This aspect of LSET trains aging out orphans to develop a sense of identity, form relationships with others, and function in the wider community, including contributing life and job skills.
  • (un)adopted currently has eight strategic partnerships in China, Colombia, Pakistan, Uganda, Liberia, Togo, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Peru, and partners in other countries as well.

How You Can Get Involved:

Here are some of the ways that you can partner with (un)adopted to care for orphaned and vulnerable children:

  • Sponsor a Child – Choose a child to sponsor monthly, giving the tools and resources they need to be loved, prepared, educated, and discipled as the image bearers of God that they are.
  • Donate to (un)adopted – Give to support the ministry of (un)adopted throughout the world and enable the work of orphan care to continue.
  • Travel with (un)adopted on a trip.
  • Invite (un)adopted staff to your church to communicate the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. Contact us here!

Our desire is to partner with you to help you obey God’s call to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Will you join with us as we seek to bring hope and a future to children who deserve to be loved? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (205) 967-0811.