April Monthly Focus: International Adoption


Currently, there are over 153 million orphaned and vulnerable children in the world today. Each year, Lifeline serves more than 400 families in various stages of the adoption process. The reality is there are many more children that are in need and are waiting for permanent families. At Lifeline inter-country adoption is growing and we are actively seeking to partner with mission-minded Christian families that have the capacity to care for a child through adoption.



Even the most caring orphanage is not the home in which God intended children to live. The best place for children is in a permanent, safe, and loving family. More families who are willing and able to adopt must rise to stand in the gap for these precious image-bearers of God.

What Lifeline is doing:

At Lifeline, we believe that adoption is a way that God gives families to vulnerable children who need to know the love of a family and the love of Christ. Our desire is to walk alongside missional families on their adoption journey and to provide necessary resources as they love, nurture, and disciple their children through the love of Christ.

Our heart in our adoption ministry is to help find families for those children who are eligible for adoption and to encourage and support families as they adjust to a new family dynamic. We love to partner with families who see the big picture of adoption as part of God’s redemptive purpose in the world through the gospel and the personal picture of adoption as God’s divine work to set the lonely in families.

Our international program walks alongside families through every step of the process, including application, welcome call, orientation call, home study, dossier preparation, training, counseling, and much more. We are a relationship-based ministry that “holds hands” with our families through every step of the process and paperwork.

Our hope is for families to be equipped with a clear picture of the gospel throughout their journey as they prepare to welcome their new son or daughter into their family.


How you can be part of the solution:

Below is a list of ways that you, your small group, or your church could get involved with international adoption:

 Pray: Pray for more mission-minded Christian families to follow God’s call to adoption and for the children who are eligible for adoption, as they wait for families.

 Advocate: Share social media advocacy posts or contact us to find out how you can advocate for waiting children.

 Adopt: Join us for one of our monthly Road Map to International Adoption webinars to find out more information on international adoption. Or, join us for an information meeting in person near you.

 Serve adoptive families: Lead your church to utilize the Equipped to Love curriculum to help one another understand the needs of adoptive families.

 Encourage your church to participate in Orphan Sunday and/or to host an informational meeting about adoption.

 Become a business partner with Lifeline, helping to minister to families who are in the adoption process.

Give to Lifeline to support families as they journey through the long roads of international adoption. Please contact us at 205-967-0811, by email, or click here for more information