Adoption and Fostering Counseling Services are Growing

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Walking with families through their adoption and fostering journeys is one of the joys of our staff at Lifeline. Understanding the great need for families to receive support after a new child comes home, we have been privileged to open up our counseling ministry to help adoptive and fostering families grow and love in a healthy way.

As the need has increased, we are excited to announce continued growth in our counseling services so that we can serve even more families through Lifeline Counseling:

  • Wait times for appropriate counseling for foster or adoptive families can often be a deterrent to receiving timely care. We are thrilled to be accepting new clients at this time!
  • To make counseling more accessible for families, we have worked diligently and are overjoyed to be able to let you know that some of our therapists are now able to bill insurance.
  • Another effort to give families more accessibility for services, Lifeline Counseling is now offering counseling in three locations, including our newest—Huntsville, Alabama.
  • For families who may not live in an area where competent adoption counseling is available, they now have the option of receiving counseling through an intensive.
  • In addition to intensive services, we have added more new services such as interactive playgroups for children who have been adopted or are in foster care.

We are privileged to walk with your family as you are working to knit hearts and lives together. Please contact us or email Angela Mains at [email protected] for more information.