A Celebration of Beginnings: India


The Master Architect

Burdened to adopt from India, the Nichols family attended an informational meeting at Lifeline in 2014, knowing that an international adoption program for India was not yet in existence. But, God was busy behind the scenes, crafting a beautiful story that no one could have imagined.

Unknown to the Nichols, Lifeline was in the beginning stages of creating an India program. Soon after they shared their hearts with Lifeline staff, they were asked if they wanted to be the pilot family for the India program, and the answer was a resounding YES. Looking back over their journey, Malinda Nichols reflects on what she hopes happens as a result of being the pilot family for this program, “It has been such a unique privilege to be the pilot family for Lifeline’s India program, knowing that our adoption journey–filled with both absolute joys and incredible challenges–will help bring home other precious children from this beautiful country.”

Foundation of Prayer and Dependence

The challenges that the Nichols and others experienced were many. But, God was busy moving. Meredith Campbell and Morgan Terch feel privileged to be witnesses to all that He is doing. Morgan understands that this program is not of their doing but God orchestrating it all. She explains, “We are fully dependent on the Lord, and we have seen Him move mountains for these kids.”

Meredith and Morgan’s heart for this program is evident as they are burdened for this country and these children. Their desire to see God move pushes them to depend on Him and fervently and consistently pray about each and every aspect of this program.

The faithful prayers of Meredith and Morgan have been such a part of this program, that it is almost palpable. Malinda remembers how their support and dependence on God was evident, I can’t imagine this process without the support we got from Meredith and Morgan every step of the way. From those initial conversations in 2015, to our time in-country with Morgan, and now as we are home, we have felt the heart that they–and all of Lifeline–have for connecting children to families, and making sure those families are equipped to care for their children. We are forever grateful to the Lord and His work through Lifeline for our precious daughter.”


A Celebration of Beginnings

The summer of 2017 has been a time of tremendous celebration in all that God has done and is doing in our new Lifeline India program! Just in the last four weeks, we have witnessed three new little ones joining their families in the United States, including the Nichols’ new daughter!

These families are beginning their new lives together, and their stories together are beginning. Lifeline is thrilled to be a part of their lives and to see these precious children from India come into loving families as sons and daughters!

A Holy Burden

Meredith and Morgan are burdened for the children of India because they know the need.

  1. India is the country with the most orphans in the world!
  2. International adoption is an avenue that is opening wider for families to obey the call to care for orphans through adoption in India.
  3. The greatest need in India is for families who are willing to adopt children with special needs. Lifeline is an agency that finds families for children, not children for families. Therefore, our program is a special needs program because we desire to advocate where the need is, and we are burdened for all children to find families because all are valuable and worthy of a loving, forever family.
  4. Children need to come into families who know that parenting a child who was adopted is a unique approach. Lifeline provides much training to prepare families through pre-adoptive training and providing support and counseling after the adoption is complete.
  5. Families need support while they are in country. Meredith and Morgan both have extensive international experience, including time in India. In addition, Lifeline arranges for families to be supported in country by Indian greeters, who meet them, translate for them, and generally take care of them while in India.

A Few FAQs about India

  • There are many younger children available for adoption.
  • Only 1 trip to India is required and usually lasts for 10-14 days.
  • It is a special needs program that range from minor to severe.
  • Parents must be between 25-55 years old, and those with a composite age of 90 or less are eligible to adopt a child up to 4 years old. Those with a composite age of 100 or less are eligible to adopt a child between 4-8 years old.
  • Parents must have been married for at least 2 years.

For more information about Lifeline’s India Program or to begin the adoption process, please visit us here online or call us at 205-967-0811.

Photography provided by Spark & Arrow