New Year 2017

It seems like the fireworks from the New Year are still smoldering in the air, but the truth is that 2017 has already rushed forth so quickly with the excitement, changes, and challenges of life that we’ve barely had time to catch our breath.


Isn’t that part of why we often fail to accomplish what we desire in a new year—time rushes by so quickly that we are caught off guard and, suddenly, we have survived a whole year without the intentionality of thriving?

But, not you. Not this year. You want your days to count—to make a difference this year. You want 2017 to be a year that you know impacted lives beyond your own. A year of intentionality. Because you are going to show 2017 what it means to really live and not simply let life happen.

You want to get involved; that’s the first step. We’ll make the second step easy! Here are ten ways to make a HUGE difference in the lives of others this year:

1. Volunteer at Kids Camp. Meet and get to know waiting children and provide an interactive experience for them, as you show them the love of Christ. We also need volunteers with the ability to clean and organize.

2. Volunteer at a Lifeline Event, such as Stand for Orphans, r(un) for one or other fundraising events.

3. Sponsor a child to provide for his or her necessary physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

4. Go on a trip with (un)adopted to care for orphans through our international partnerships.

5. Advocate for children who are waiting for families and share what God is doing through orphan care.

6. Begin the adoption process. Attend an information meeting to learn more about how your family can welcome a new son or daughter.

7. Host a parenting class at your church through Families Count, which focuses on family restoration and preservation of through Christ-centered parenting classes.

8. Become a mentor and walk through the Families Count classes with a struggling parent.

9. Begin training to become a licensed foster parent or respite provider for the 400,000+ children in the U.S. Foster Care System.

10. Join Lifeline’s prayer team to pray for the ministry that God does through Lifeline for those who are vulnerable.

How do you pick between all of those awesome possibilities? Well, you can start by taking a look at where your giftedness, skills, and calling line up. Ask yourself how God has been moving in your heart and leading you. And, then, just move forward as you continue to seek His guidance. All of the contact information is right there beyond a simple click. Let us know how you want to get involved, and we’ll help. Let’s live out God’s calling in 2017, and let Him use us to impact others for His glory.

Written by: Jenny Riddle, Content Coordinator and adoptive mom from Lifeline Children’s Services