New financial aid available for Colombia Adoptions!

November 9, 2018 rachelmiley Blog

We have amazing news! This year, we had the privilege of hosting 10 children from Colombia when they visited the USA for Lifeline’s Kids Camp. Five of the children have found forever families already, but five of these precious children are still in need of families. They are currently back in Colombia, and it is our joy to advocate for them as they wait with hope for their forever family.

That’s why we are so excited to share about new financial aid that has become available for families who are interested in pursuing any of these five! Through our partnership with Here I Am Ministries and a generous donor, scholarships and interest free loans will be offered up to $10,000 for each child. This funding will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. Please see below for more information and to inquire about this process.

Meet the Kids

Through Kids Camp, we’ve had the unique opportunity to get to know each of these children personally. They were hosted by families in the States, evaluated by medical professionals, and introduced to our staff members during their time here. We’re excited to introduce them to you and invite you to advocate for them alongside us.


Heath Colombia Kids Camp 2018

Heath is a funny, athletic, extroverted boy. He is quickly approaching his teenage years and is in need of a loving family that will guide him through his life. Heath loves to play sports and is very active. We love how funny he is and how much he likes to joke around. It’s easy to see that his main form of connection is through play. Heath is very honest and open with his feelings. He may appear a little guarded and shy at first, but he really opens up rather quickly. He is great with kids of either gender of all ages, especially boys close in age he can play with.

He’s been in a foster family the last few years as he waits for a forever family. He is healthy and free from any diagnoses. Heath is from the coast of Colombia, which has a rich and unique culture that very much is part of who he is.

We are seeking a family that would lovingly care for him and give him stability in a forever family. He will need a family that will understand his history, be patient and flexible, and also that give him the attention and love he desires. We believe he will do best in a family with both a mother and a father and would be great with siblings of all ages.


Ava Colombia Kids Camp 2018 -2Ava is such a light. She is incredibly special and truly is the most fun little girl. Ava has a diagnostic impression of mild cerebral palsy, but that is currently being evaluated. Ava thrived being in her host family, being loved on and playing with the other children. She really enjoys being around others and moving around. We have seen her delight in swinging, playing the piano, trying to walk on her own, and playing games. She loves dress up and achieving her goals (like washing her own plate or getting her own ice). Ava is open with sharing her preferences with others and really excels when given the attention and encouragement she needs. She will be a delight to any family who is blessed enough to adopt her.

We are seeking a family that would lovingly care for Ava and give her the stimulation she needs from a forever family. We believe Ava will thrive in a family that really plays with her, sees her true preciousness, and encourages her to achieve goals. We believe she will thrive in a home with a single mother or a mother and a father. She really gets along well with children of all ages, too. We believe she will thrive with love, sensitivity, and connection.


Lori Colombia Kids Camp 2018Lily is a beautiful, kind, and spunky little girl. She is shy initially, but with some connection she really opens up. We have loved spending time with Lily and getting to know her. Lily enjoys sports, playing games, swimming, and playing with other kids. She is very intelligent and follows instructions easily. We have observed that she seems to dislike drama and is more laid back in nature. Lily has a very kind heart and sensitive spirit. She tends to be a little cautious and guarded at first, but once she takes a risk (like riding a big ride) she really thrives and enjoys it. We believe that Lily has a really tender heart and would do well with a family. She is healthy and free from any diagnoses.

We are seeking a family that would lovingly care for Lily and give her stability in a forever family. In our opinion, Lily will need a family that will pursue her heart, help her mature and grow, and that will take interest in the things she is interested in. We believe she will thrive in a home with a single mother or a mother and a father. She really gets along well with children of all ages, too. We believe she will thrive with love, sensitivity, and connection.


How Can You Help?

Adopt: Is the Lord calling you to consider adoption? Our team would love to talk with you, even if you are just gathering information. There is no pressure with reaching out. We’d love to share more about these children and the adoption process. Contact our Latin America team by emailing or call (205)967-0811.

Advocate: Share our social media posts about these children, reach out to families you know who may be called to adopt them, spread the word about their need for forever families!

Pray: For a family (or a few families) to be called for each of these 5 kids, for their hearts, and for the Lord’s plan for each of their lives.

Give: Adoption can be expensive, and has the potential to be a deterrent to families considering the call. If you would like to make a donation to support a family pursuing adoption of one of these 5 children, contact us or visit .

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