My husband is not the best father.

My husband is not the best father.

Now, please don’t read that wrong. My husband is an amazing father to our son. He shows love in countless ways. He works hard to provide the necessities of life, he is emotionally supportive, and he leads our family spirituality. He is genuine, humble, kind… the list could go on forever. But he’s not the best.

My husband is an amazing father because he knows the best father.

The heavenly Father is the best father. Having an intimate relationship with God gives my husband the ability to love us with God’s love. The love of God flows freely from him, and there’s no better love than that!

The love of God can’t be contained, and it can’t be limited to loving only our biological family.

Because of God’s amazing love, my husband was able to genuinely and deeply love a child whom he had never met… so much that he crossed oceans for him. He is able to be patient when our son is being defiant because he has experienced God’s patience with him in his own life. He is able to comfort our son when the world seems to be spinning out of control because he has felt the comfort of the heavenly Father. He is able to laugh and enjoy every detail of life with our son because he has the Joy of our Lord and Savior in his heart. He is able to lead our family in the way of the Lord because he is following God so closely himself.

God has called my husband to be a father to the fatherless.

As God continues to call our family to adoption, I have no doubt that it is because my husband is listening to His calling… and answering.

Could He be calling you, too? Are you listening?  Will you answer? 

God doesn’t expect you to be the best father. He’s got that covered. He just wants you to know Him. God. The best father.

Jerica Vanoy, Lifeline Mom

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