How Much More

As we journey through each day of the Advent season, we’ve gathered special stories from Lifeline families, staff, and friends to share with you, testifying to how the hand of the Lord and the Character of Christ have been magnified through their children and in their families…

Advent, a season of preparation and anticipation.  Sounds a lot like the process of adoption with so much preparation and anticipation.  From all the paperwork and home study meetings to making travel arrangements and finally experiencing “Gotcha Day.”  Then once home with your precious child, you prepare for all the changes and anticipate how your child will embrace being part of a forever family.

One of the many things we have anticipated since bringing Jenna home from China in November 2013 was hearing her say the words, “I love you.”  When we finally got to hear those words for this first time in November 2014, a full year after meeting our amazing daughter, our hearts were full of joy.  Jenna freely shows her love through hugs and kisses, but now she is able to give voice to her feelings and speak those special words from the depths of her heart.

How much more does our Heavenly Father anticipate our expression of love for Him?  How much more has He prepared a way for us to experience His love?  How much more should we surrender all to Him as an outpouring of our love?

Merry CHRISTmas!

Kelly Preston, Lifeline Adoptive Mom

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