More Than A Fishing Trip (March Kids Camp ’16: Day 2)

A day filled with fishing, 4 wheeler rides, chalk art and corn hole is probably a dream for most kids. But it’s particularly special for these sweet ones who may have never been exposed to life outside of the city. This was evident by their wonder and excitement over seeing a pine cone for the first time! Today was the 2nd full day that these kids have spent with us in Birmingham, and I’m amazed by their little spirits. It always seems to hit me in the little things, like the seemingly mundane presence of a pine cone that I don’t give much attention to. But that drove these kiddos to fits of giggles.

Jess at Camp

It was a joy to see the interests and personalities of each child in how they spent their time. We started the afternoon with everyone fishing, and one by one their attention would turn to other activities. Some of the boys went to play basketball, and a few of them were content to color with chalk and play with bubbles. One little boy was content to do whatever his new friend Emily wanted to do. He simply enjoyed her companionship and attention. It is a reminder that each one of them is so uniquely created, with different interests, personalities, needs and hearts.



One of my favorite things about Kids Camp is to see how beautifully the body of Christ works together. Particularly for our afternoon fishing, many local families bring their kids to volunteer their time and toys to minister to these kiddos from China. It’s amazing to see the ways that service and love come so easily to our kids in Gospel-Centered families.

IMG_6195 IMG_6146

Regardless of language and cultural differences, the love of Christ shone brightly through them as they spent time together. Love really does know no bounds. I’m thankful for this reminder. And I pray that it is evident to each of our friends from China that it is only because of Christ that this is possible. It is our biggest desire that from this camp they will not only get a fun fishing experience or exposure to American life, but that the Gospel will be made known to them. We want them to see and feel the light of Christ that is so present in our lives, and that we so badly want to share with them.  Please join me in praying for their hearts and spirits, that they will know they have a Heavenly Father that loves them with a depth beyond comprehension.

Written By: Rachel Miley, Marketing and Content Coordinator for Lifeline Children’s Services.