MINOR children available to Lifeline LID families:

Please contact your Lifeline social worker for more information on any of these children below or call: 205-967-0811. 

Sydney – female, age 8 ½ years, left lower limb claudication. Sydney is such a wonderful little girl. Sydney is described as being extroverted and gets along well with other children. Sydney likes school and works very hard to do her best. On the way to school in the bus, she likes to sing and laugh with the other children. Sydney is very well liked by both her classmates and the teachers and is talkative. She likes to write and draw and becomes very serious when she is writing. Sydney likes to watch TV and sing children’s songs. Her caretakers describe her as an understanding little girl. If you would like more information about precious Sydney, please contact Lifeline Children’s Services.

Jason – male, age 6 years, post-op cleft lip/palate.  Jason is a bright and clever little boy. Jason is described as being extroverted, active, and outgoing. When first meeting strangers, he is a little shy, but will warm up soon when he gets to know them. His teacher says he is a clever boy and can retain what was taught quickly. Jason likes playing jigsaw type toys and blocks. Jason’s favorite activity is playing games outside.  He also likes playing games with other children and building things for them. Jason’s caretakers describe that he tends to get involved happily playing and he will forget to eat and rest when needed. He likes all kinds of food and is not choosy, but his favorite foods are fruits and snacks. Jason likes to be a little helper and will initiate helping his caretakers without them needing to ask him. He has very good self-care habits. For more information about Jason, please contact Lifeline Children’s Services.

Bentley – male, age 19 months, hydrocele at the left and right testicle, low echo tubercle at right groin.  Bentley is such a sweet little boy. Bentley likes to smile at others and captures their attention. He can recognize those that are familiar around him and is cautious with strangers. Bentley likes playing hide and seek with others. His favorite toys are ones with sound.  Bentley has a good appetite and has no food allergies known at this time. Bentley is a precious little boy who is ready to be with his forever family. If you would like more information about Bentley, please contact Lifeline Children’s Services.
Video of Bentley: https://vimeo.com/54661121
Video Password: bentley1

MATCHED: Benjamin – male, age 27 months, syndactylism of right hand. Benjamin is a wonderful little boy. Benjamin is closest to his caretakers. He likes the attention of his caretakers and tends to be a little jealous of other children when they are getting the caretaker’s attention. Benjamin likes to listen to music. He gets along well with the other children. Benjamin’s favorite toys are cars and blocks. His favorite activity is the slide outdoors. Benjamin is described as being fairly extroverted and energetic. He has ready smiles for all of those around him. For more information about this sweet little boy, please contact Lifeline Children’s Services.