Merry Christmas (March Kids Camp’16: Day 3)

I had the joy of celebrating Christmas on Friday with our 13 little friends from China! It’s always amazing to me how quickly our hearts grow attached to these boys and girls. But they do. It really takes no time at all.

They are sweet, fun, spunky, hilarious, shy, introverted, and extraverted. Their smiles and giggles are a joy to our staff and volunteers.

Before joining the team at Lifeline I would proudly share with others that I have “a heart for adoption”. I meant it in the truest sense, but the Lord has opened my eyes and my heart in ways I couldn’t have imagined since being at Lifeline.

As I sat with the snuggliest little girl and listened as the Christmas story was shared, I was overwhelmed that this was likely the very first time these boys and girls have heard the name Jesus. They do not eagerly await Christmas day each year like our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. They are not growing up hearing of the greatest gift of all, Jesus.


My eyes filled with tears as I squeezed the little girl in my arms a little tighter and prayed over her. I prayed that Jesus would reveal himself to her and that she would know him as her Savior.

The children each had the opportunity to decorate Christmas cookies, make ornaments, build gingerbread houses, and craft a nativity scene. And while all of these are fun Christmas celebrations, most importantly, they heard of the greatest gift of all, Jesus, who came to be the Savior of the world.


These precious little ones have so much love to offer. I see it as they walk hand in hand with our staff and volunteers, as they light up with they are given a piggy back ride, and as they fall asleep in your arms after all the excitement from the day.

It brings me great comfort to know God knows each and every one of these little ones. He created them and knows them by name. How I long for them to know their Heavenly Father that loves them endlessly.DSC_4161

Would you join me in praying for each seed planted in their hearts while they are here with us in Birmingham? That every time they are hugged, cared for, played with, and tucked into bed, that it would point them to a greater love for them in found Jesus.