Meet Nate (March Kids Camp ’16)

DSC05251I can’t believe that Kids Camp is over… in a few short hours the children who have become so dear to my heart will board a plane for China. I know I will never see many of them again, but they will certainly remain in my thoughts and prayers for quite some time. These kids are so brave! They have seen so many new faces and places and handled it all like champs! Having internationally born and adopted children myself, I would expect no less. Whenever I am blessed to be able to interact with groups of kids through UnAdopted and/or Lifeline, there are always a few who seem to prick my heart. One of those children this time was the oldest boy in the group, Nate. Perhaps because our family has adopted older children, I am drawn to those; their hopes for a forever family are fading quickly, and that grieves me.

DSC_4067 Nate is about 11 years old, and is very tall for his age. He is a handsome young man with a calm, contented countenance. He takes care of the younger children, and seems to understand that as an older child, it is his duty to help out with the little ones who cannot always do for themselves. He knows when to cut loose and when to reel it in.  I noticed immediately that Nate makes great eye contact and is very focused in conversation, and is really affectionate.I really and truly never saw him acting in a negative or defiant way…I wish I could have said the same for my kids when they were 11!  He loves to play and loves to be with others. He and two of my boys (who visited the camp a few times) became fast friends. They threw footballs, played games and just hung out. They communicated through a Chinese translation app on my son’s phone. It was so heartwarming to see how well Nate fit in with my kids and others. Though Nate is hard of hearing, he speaks very well; he is obviously very bright.

IMG_6182Nate needs a family. SOON. His future will be filled with possibilities IF and only IF his forever family finds him. Perhaps you have thought about adoption; perhaps before now, you had never thought about adoption…either way, I urge you to pray for this precious boy. Pray that he will find his family. Pray that he will be kept safe and feel the loving arms of Jesus around him. He has heard the gospel…he has learned about Jesus Christ, the seed has been planted. He has been loved well in America. Nate wants a family. Nate needs a family. Pray for Nate…pray for all 13 of these innocent angels, who, because of a sinful world, have been born into a life that we wish for no one. just pray.

Written by Kim Christenberry, Lifeline National & (un)adopted Board Member, Lifeline Mom, and Kids Camp Volunteer

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