Meet Kindra (March Kids Camp ’16)

During my time volunteering at Kids Camp I got to meet so many amazing, sweet kids.  I really connected with one particular girl, Kindra, which I believe happened because I saw a lot of my tendencies in her.  Like me, Kindra was more on the shy side and didn’t talk much. We easily fell into a rhythm where I would chase her around the camp until I caught up to her and then we would start again.  Whenever I caught up with Kindra, a huge smile filled her face and she would start giggling.  Kindra and I easily became buddies.   I enjoyed hanging out with her because she always had the biggest smile on her face. After I got to know Kindra,  I could see that she was one happy, sweet,  joyful girl!

However, Kindra’s story is not one full of happiness, but instead one filled with abandonment and transition.  Throughout camp, Kindra was introduced to her Heavenly Father and I was thankful to be a part of her story.  Kindra needs a home that will provide her with comfort and love and point her to a loving and perfect Heavenly Father.  Please join me in praying that this sweet, joyful girl will find her forever family and, most importantly, understand the love of her Heavenly Father.

Written by Maigan Jenkins, Kids Camp Volunteer